Top Ten Things To Do Before You Graduate

One of the main concerns students have before they graduate from their laser training program is finding a laser job. I heard from a former student who said they sent out ten resumes but did not hear back from a single person. What people don’t realize is that this is a numbers game–the more you put yourself out there and the better you sell yourself, the greater the results.

In order to set students up for success, I’ve come up with some important things you should do before (and after) you graduate from National Laser Institute.

10. Prepare your resume. Get your resume ready to send off by polishing it up and adding your new training experiences. If you need help creating or building your resume, you can find examples and advice at If you feel unsure about building your own resume, there are plenty of online as well as local companies that can do it for you. Although there is a small expense, it can be well worth the money for a quality professionally done resume that gets the attention of employers.

9. Get creative in your job search. Aside from searching for laser jobs online, call local physicians’ offices and ask if they’re looking to hire any laser technicians. Get creative! One student actually bought her own laser and brings it with her to a handful of physicians’ offices for commission based jobs. Not limiting herself to just one laser job allows her to bring in a whole lot more money!

8. Find your niche. If you know you do best working with chemical peels or laser tattoo removal, you can sell yourself off those small details. Really knowing what you love shows passion and provides a great template of skill sets you can work with.

7. Network yourself. The power of the internet has continued to grow, especially today. If you are thinking of starting your own business, start building your name by creating an image and place for yourself on the web. Market yourself and create a foundation on which to build your business.

6. Prepare for interviews. Selling yourself is the most important part of any interview. Even if you graduated with honors from Harvard, it won’t matter unless you can convince your interviewer that you are the best person for the job. Practice makes perfect! Practice your interview answers ahead of time with these open-ended interview questions.

5. Dress the part. As they say, you have to dress to impress. Although feeling comfortable is nice, you should always dress appropriately for any interview. You can find some interview-inspired sample outfits here!

4. Do your research. If you don’t know squat about the company you’re interviewing for, chances are they won’t be impressed. Take some time to familiarize yourself with some key points of the company. Bringing them up in the interview will show a potential employer you’re serious about the job.

3. Market by mouth. Talk to family, friends, or acquaintances and let them know you’re searching for a job within the medical aesthetics industry. Who knows? They can always ask people they know, which can quite possibly lead to something!

2. Don’t generalize your cover letter. When applying for jobs, most companies will ask you for a cover letter. Writing a generic cover letter and changing the “to” address will probably make you blend in with all the other generalized cover letters. Don’t be vague! Express why company X is the right place for you and why they should hire you. Sure it may take some time, but quality is better than quantity. If you need help coming up with a brilliant cover letter, you can find some sample inspirations here.

1. Go in person. It is very important to personally hand deliver your resume to any potential employer. Sending it through the mail is generic and unimpressive. By showing up in person, a potential employer can see your professionalism and appearance and could potentially interview you on the spot!

Now that you’re getting the training you need to start a new career or business, it’s time to make yourself marketable. These are just a few tips that can help you succeed in the medical aesthetics industry, but it’s up to you to actually go out and make it happen. To read up on National Laser Institute student success stories, click here!

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