Top 5 Hollywood Celebrities You’d Never Have Guessed Who’ve Received Botox

If a fountain of youth did exist, you can bet that most of us would drink it right up. But until then, most of us resort to treatments that make us look younger, rejuvenated, and much more flawless. As we age, wrinkles and fine lines can become a pain in the butt, and sometimes wrinkle creams just don’t cut it. But there’s a treatment over 5 million people sought after last year, and that treatment is Botox.

Botox treatments work by targeting specific muscles within your skin with an FDA approved injection. This cosmetic injection temporarily freezes those targeted muscles, which relaxes you wrinkles and creates a naturally younger look.

Are Botox treatments really injectable magic? See for yourself! Below are the top five Hollywood celebrities you probably would never have suspected who’ve received Botox treatments!*

5. Cindy Crawford admitted to trying Botox before in order to keep a flawless face.

4. Jenny McCarthy stated that she received Botox every two months.

3. The stunning Nicole Kidman has come forth and said she’s had Botox treatments performed before.

2. Simon Cowell offhandedly hinted that he’s given Botox a go before.

1. Kim Kardashian has told NBC that she’s tried Botox treatments before, which is probably why she looks so young and fresh.

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