Tips for Keeping Your Cosmetic Laser Med Spa or Practice Organized

Once you’ve completed your cosmetic laser and injectables training, you’ll most likely find yourself running your own cosmetic laser practice or working for one. Like any business, there needs to be a system to keep things organized. Be sure to read these tips and tricks if you’re currently discouraged with your current disorganization, or if you want to play it safe and keep things in order before mayhem ensues.

Complete daily wipe downs

One of the most important things about working in a medical spa environment is keeping everything as clean and pristine as possible. Be sure and complete daily wipe downs not only with the laser machines, but with counters, materials, door handles, etc. It’s also a good way to decrease the spread of germs. Lysol wipes are the best for this sort of use.

Create folders for important documents

You’re going to have a lot of documentation, so be sure you keep folders for clients files and important documents. Another great organization tip is to color code them and then create a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel with those same colors, what information it contained, and where it can be found. (Ex: Betty J, Client File, Room 152, Shelf 2).

Invest in organizational units

Places like The Container Store and Walmart offer great organization units for storing files, extra papers, pens and pencils, and various other units for your organizational needs. Take advantage of these and use them around your practice. You can look up different interior design ideas to see what other people or companies are doing. Don’t be afraid to get inspired!

Keep a log of responsibilities

There’s nothing worse than a game of he-said-she-said, so be sure to keep a log of employees daily responsibilities. This can include things like overall chores, how many clients people have seen, certain tasks, and more. That way you’ll never have mix ups or have people blaming others for something they did or didn’t do.

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