Tattoo Removal Training for Medical Professionals

There are a few states that require you to be a medical professional before you receive certification in tattoo removal. Because medical professionals are working with state-of-the-art cosmetic lasers, they are required to receive safety certification as well as proper cosmetic laser training in order to understand how the equipment works in correlation with different tattoos and skin types.

The best place for medical professionals to receive laser tattoo removal training is National Laser Institute. We are the leaders in the medical aesthetics industry and are the laser school who pioneered the cosmetic laser curriculum for medical aesthetic training institutions across the country.

Our tattoo removal training course discusses tissue interaction within the skin, how different laser equipment works to remove ink on different skin types, pre and post treatment care, contraindications, treatment plans for different clients, different tattoo colors, and much more. Medical professionals will receive both hands-on training with scheduled clients in a luxury medical spa environment as well as didactic classroom lectures from laser technicians who are experts in the field of tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal is one of the most popular cosmetic laser treatments, which is why many medical professionals have taken an interest in becoming trained in cosmetic lasers. National Laser Institute is recognized as gold standard education and has received a number of outstanding reviews.

To learn more about tattoo removal training or National Laser Institute, please call.

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