Tattoo Removal Training for Estheticians

Roughly 1 in 5 Americans have a tattoo, and many live with tattoo regret. Laser tattoo removal has been an increasingly in-demand way to rid unwanted tattoos because of it’s extremely fast treatment time and overall effectiveness. But since cosmetic laser technology has continued to improve and advance, there is a new laser that is said to eliminate 40% of your tattoo after just one treatment. As technology continues to advance, we expect that percentage to continue to go up.

Those interested in the skin care industry, especially estheticians, are qualified in most states to become a laser tattoo removal technician with the proper training. Throughout most of the U.S., estheticians and individuals who have a high school diploma or GED meet the prerequisites of attending tattoo removal training.

Laser training at a laser school is different than esthetician school, however. For one thing, laser school takes between 1-2 weeks to earn certification, whereas esthetician school takes a couple of months to complete. Laser school is also qualified to teach you about the epidermal and dermal layers of skin whereas esthetics school only covers treatments that pertain to the outer layers of skin. But as an esthetician, a lot of what you’ve learned about treating clients should overlap when you attend a laser school–so the information won’t feel as new and scary.

Tattoo Removal Training with NLI

National Laser Institute offers a tattoo removal training course for estheticians that covers both laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal. In this course, estheticians will learn in the classroom from expert laser technicians and skin care professionals as well as through clinical, hands-on training where they will perform tattoo removal treatments on scheduled clients within our luxury medical spa. This combination of hands-on and classroom training is designed to give students the confidence and overall knowledge to go out and perform safe and effective treatments on their own clients.

National Laser Institute is recognized as gold standard education and has received many outstanding reviews. To learn more about tattoo removal training for estheticians, please call.



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