How to Run a Cosmetic Practice without Client Complaints

Once you’ve received your cosmetic laser training, you’ll most likely be searching for a job or busy creating your own cosmetic practice. Whether you’re working for yourself or for someone else, it’s important to realize there is a level of courtesy that should be extended to all of your clients–whether they are coming in for medical or cosmetic treatments.

Unfortunately, there are dermatology practices out there that do not treat all of their patients equally. For instance, Dr. Donald Richey has two separate phone lines, offices, and waiting rooms for his cosmetic clients versus his medical clients. He has admitted that he devotes more time and effort to his cosmetic clients, as they pay up front without the hassle of insurance. Plus, they are more willing to return if the treatment, environment, and procedure was top quality. (Source)

Dr. David M. Pariser commented on this type of practice. “The message is that the cosmetic patient is more important than the medical patient, and that’s not a good message,” Dr. Pariser said. (Source)

If you’re planning on working for a dermatology practice, you should understand the importance of extending the same amount of courtesy to all of your clients. Yes, cosmetic patients must pay for their treatments up front, therefore dismissing the entire hassle of insurance. However, treating your medical patients is just as important. Those who come in for acne treatments or skin concerns should also receive your full time and attention.

In order to minimize complaints within your work environment, keep in mind:

• The client is your first and foremost priority
• Listen to their thoughts and concerns
• Provide them options, if possible
• Explain treatments in great detail
• Perform treatments with great focus and quality

National Laser Institute is one laser cosmetic school that trains students on cosmetic procedures, provides hands-on training, and teaches them how to properly interact with clients. Although it may seem obvious, some people forget to extend common courtesy to their customers. National Laser Institute also reviews a list of questions to ask clients in order to provide them with the best possible experience.

To learn more about National Laser Institute or their courses, please call.

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