Medical Laser Technician Jobs

Before even thinking about medical esthetics schools, many people’s concerns lie within the job market. That’s definitely understandable. The fact of the matter is, the cosmetic laser and injectable industry has continued to grow and expand. Last year, laser hair removal brought in over one million treatments, while Botox came in on top at #1 with over 5 million treatments. Despite economic hardships, the medical esthetics industry still continues to grow, expand, and help client’s with their skin concerns.

So what does that mean for medical laser technician jobs? There’s valuable opportunities for every person. National Laser Institute has had graduates go on to work at dermatology clinics, physician’s offices, medical spas, salons, tattoo removal clinics, and even start up their own business.

However, we strongly encourage potential students to talk with one of our course advisors before leaping into registration. This is because not every state accepts laser technicians without a medical background, so be sure and find out your state’s regulations beforehand by calling.

Medical esthetics school can be completed in just over two weeks, giving you the opportunity to start using your new found skill sets. National Laser Institute trains students on many of the top cosmetic laser treatments, such as laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, laser wrinkle reduction, laser acne removal, and many, many, more.

Bonus: National Laser Institute offers a career services department for graduates. This means that if you’re on the hunt for a medical laser technician job, there’s someone here to assist you in the search. They also help with brushing up your resume as well as giving you advice with interview questions.

To be realistic, medical laser technician jobs are some of the best, because it’s not an office job, you get to work one-on-one with clients, and you get the opportunity to make good money while building relationships. Plus, you’re giving someone the confidence that they may have been lacking with their previous skin concerns!

To learn more about medical laser technician jobs or National Laser Institute, please call.

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