Medical Esthetician Salary

Before starting a new career, the question many people ask themselves has something to do with finances. Money is a vital aspect to any job, especially if you plan on changing careers. Most people aren’t aware of how much the medical esthetic industry is growing, which is why many medical estheticians are both loving their job and their salary.

Medical esthetician salaries may vary. We typically see a combination of payment. The most popular is hourly pay plus commission. Hourly pay depends by state and facility, but the range is generally $15-$25 an hour. Commission also varies from 3%-20%. The second option is typically commission only, which can be 10%-40% depending on the place. The last is salary pay, which also varies by location, but can range from $30,000-$50,000.

The best part about gaining a career as a medical esthetician is improving client’s skin concerns and giving them their confidence back. Unlike an office job, you’re meeting with new and old clients, giving them the run down and performing cosmetic laser treatments. It’s a perfect career for those who love building relationships and interacting with clients.

If you’re looking for an excellent place to begin your medical esthetic training, consider National Laser Institute! We’re the leader in the medical esthetic industry and are recognized as gold standard education. We have also earned an A+ rating at the BBB as well as a number of excellent reviews.

We provide students hands-on training with top of the line cosmetic laser equipment, scheduling clients for them to practice their new skill sets on. We are the ones who pioneered this type of hands-on medical esthetic training. Medical and industry professionals teach students everything they need to know about medical esthetics, including the market aspects.

To learn more about medical esthetician salary or National Laser Institute, please call.

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