Considering Medical Esthetic School? Check Out This Free Webinar!

Choosing a skincare school that’s right for you can be stressful and challenging, but what if you had the option to preview a school before you even enrolled? It would probably make your decision process much easier.

National Laser Institute offers free medical esthetic school webinars each month that provide quality information regarding the industry, state-of-the-art treatments and equipment, career opportunities, and much more. This webinar is LIVE and completes a Q&A from viewers who have any questions about anything at all–and no question is a silly one.

Here’s a quick sneak peak about what you’ll expect to see at National Laser Institute’s free online webinars:

NLI offers two types of webinars each month. One is targeted toward medical professionals who are capable of becoming trained to perform Botox, fillers + other injectable treatments, laser, skin rejuvenation therapies, BHRT, and more. The other is for estheticians, skin care specialists, and those wanting to seek a change in their career in order to become trained with the latest cosmetic laser treatments such as laser hair removal, radiofrequency skin tightening, IPL photofacial skin rejuvenation, laser tattoo removal, and much more.

Medical esthetic school at National Laser Institute can be completed in two weeks or less, which means you could be on your way to new, exciting career in almost no time! Courses at NLI are taught by experts in the medical esthetic field who have been in this industry for multiple years. Courses offered at National Laser Institute also include hands-on training with scheduled clients in order for attendees to become comfortable and familiar with equipment as well as treating clients.

Interested in signing up for one of NLI’s free webinars? Simply click this link to see when the next webinar is, and then fill out the form. They’ll email you the day of the webinar!

National Laser Institute is the leading medical esthetic school in the nation and is recognized as gold standard education. To learn more about medical esthetic school or courses.

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