Medical Aesthetics versus Plastic Surgery

Advancements in cosmetic laser technology have taken the world of beauty by storm. Treatments such as laser hair removal and Botox have become some of the top performed non-surgical treatments in the industry with millions of treatments performed each year. That being said, medical aesthetics may be giving traditional plastic surgery a run for its money.

The medical aesthetics industry has been around for many years, continually improving upon state-of-the-art equipment and laser techniques. According to an article in Photoionics, “facial aesthetics and medical lasers is expected to almost double in size, exceeding $3 billion by 2017.”

Why has medical aesthetics become increasingly popular? For one, many treatments don’t require the lengthy downtime that plastic surgery offers. Taking time off work or school can be a hassle, and many cosmetic laser and injectable treatments show quality results without the downtime. Also, medical aesthetic treatments are much more cost effective than plastic surgery. Some treatments, such as the MicroLaserPeel and eMatrix, show dramatic results without draining your bank account.

Many medical professionals have been adding medical aesthetics treatments to their practice. Many treatments don’t require the hassle of insurance, since it is a cosmetic procedure, so clinics are making great business.

Those looking for a career change, even if they are not a medical professional, may have the possibility of becoming a professional laser technician. Trained laser technicians have the ability to perform treatments like laser hair removal, laser wrinkle reduction, cellulite reduction, laser tattoo removal, and more. If their state permits it, they can work by treating their own clients within health clinics, medical spas, and more.

Plastic surgery is still an option, but many people are turning to medical aesthetics for quick fixes and confident boosts. Looking for the perfect medical aesthetics school? That’s us! We are the leader in the medical aesthetics industry and offer a wide variety of hands-on cosmetic laser and injectable training courses. We have earned an A+ rating the BBB as well as a number of starred reviews.

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