Laser Training and Botox Training are Highly In-Demand, but Don’t Get Caught Performing Without Certification!

Because of the recently high demand of treatments, Botox and laser training have been sought after by medical professionals, career changers, and health and beauty experts. However, it’s important that you receive proper, certified training before you perform treatments on clientele. Not only is this illegal, but you can face serious repercussions if you do not play by the rules.

Here’s where we come in. National Laser Institute is the leader in the medical aesthetics industry and has been committed to training both medical professionals and career changers for years. We pioneered the laser training curriculum for laser schools across the nation and have obtained the proper regulations and accreditations to train medical professionals who want to perform cosmetic injectables on clientele. We offer flexible laser and injectable courses for those interested in attending training.

Laser Training

National Laser Institute offers laser training courses that cover the most in-demand laser treatments, such as laser hair removal, laser stretch mark reduction, laser acne reduction, photofacials, laser wrinkle reduction, and much more. In these laser training courses, students will learn all about laser safety, tissue interaction, laser equipment, and hands-on experience within a medical spa environment.

Botox Injection Training

For medical professionals interested in Botox injection training, we have many flexible courses that may interest you. Many of our Botox injection training courses are paired with dermal filler training and sclerotherapy training, but you can also learn Botox injections as an individual course or even pair in laser training with it! Students will learn the history of cosmetic injectables, injection techniques, tissue interaction, hands-on training, and much more!

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