Laser Training Matters in the Billion Dollar Medical Aesthetics Industry

As in any industry, where you go to become trained matters. The better the education you receive, the better your job prospects tend to look. We recognize this, which is why we focus 100% on student’s success. It’s important to prepare students with the best possible training, including classroom lecture, hands-on practice, and utilizing the most advanced laser equipment possible.

National Laser Institute takes pride in being the Harvard of the medical aesthetics field, as it’s the leader in the cosmetic laser and injectable industry. Students from across the nation come to attend school in one of our two locations.

In 2010, Americans spent over 11 billion dollars on cosmetic procedures, and 83% of those were non-surgical treatments–like BOTOX® and laser hair removal. That’s an incredible percentage, which is why we know and recognize that this industry is only growing bigger than ever before.

Statistics don’t lie. In fact, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 2.4 million people received BOTOX® treatments in 2010. But this isn’t just a women’s industry. 750,000 men received both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments in 2010. By marketing to the right audience, you can boost your business by huge percentages!

Many medical spas are also beginning to offer group deals and promotions in order to bring in large groups. Because this is an insurance-free business, you keep 100% of what you make from the cosmetic treatments you perform. This means that the more people you bring in, the more money you’ll make in the end. That’s why med spas are offering special packages for weddings, proms, and parties.

Be creative within this growing industry! It’s easy to make money if you know how to market yourself correctly. To learn more about classes or the medical aesthetics industry, please call us at.

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