Laser Treatments, Chocolate, and Clean Laundry: What Laser Technicians May Recommend for Beautiful Skin

Because technology has been improved and refined over the last five decades, today’s skin care regimes oftentimes include laser treatments. Laser treatments are beneficial to almost anyone suffering from common skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, pigment problems, excessive oil, and more. When discussing your skin care, you may not realize that it goes deeper than just daily skin cleansers. In fact, laser technicians have a very tips that may be beneficial to client’s skin care routines.

Clean Laundry

Lotions, hair gels, body oils, pet dander, dust, and sweat are just a few things that can be found on your sheets with weeks of not washing them. We recommend washing your sheets once a week to rid any bad bacteria that may cause skin problems or clog pores.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate, when eaten IN PROPORTION, contains antioxidants that help protect your skin from UV rays, slows signs of aging, is great for your heart, and may lower blood pressure and help blood flow. In other words, dark chocolate helps keep your body and skin healthy inside and out!

Photofacials, MicroLaserPeels, and more

In this day and age, we’re lucky to also have cosmetic lasers that can help zap away any unsightly skin problems. Laser technicians use photofacials to help erase pigment problems like age spots, rosacea, sun damage, acne scars, spider veins, and more. Fractional laser treatments are great for minimizing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. MicroLaserPeels have the best of both worlds because they provide both dermabrasion techniques, which helps with tone and texture issues, while using cosmetic laser technology to erase pigment and wrinkle problems.
National Laser Institute is the leader in the medical aesthetic industry and trains laser technicians from across the U.S. in both of their locations. Students will learn both in classroom lectures and in a clinical, medical spa environment where they receive hands-on training with scheduled clients. Students will become certified to become laser technicians once they complete their laser training program and earn the proper number of clinical hours as advised by their state. To learn more about laser technicians, laser treatments, or National Laser Institute, please call.




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