Laser School Information

Do I have to be an aesthetician or a medical professional in order to work with lasers?
It depends on where you are located. In many states, you do not have to have a medical background in order to complete your laser school training. However, there are some states that only allow medical professionals to work with cosmetic lasers. To learn more information about your specific state, you can call 800.982.6817.

Is it easier to get a job in cosmetic lasers if you already have an aesthetics or medical background?
Not necessarily. There may be certain jobs who would prefer to hire a medical professional only because they can offer other medical aesthetic services that laser technicians aren’t trained to perform, (like Botox) but there are many medical spas across the nation who happily hire laser technicians to perform an array of cosmetic laser treatments to clients.

I was also considering aesthetician school on top of laser training. Which should I complete first?
Knowledge is power, and it can’t hurt you if you attend an aesthetician school first. However, we often recommend enrolling in a laser school before you attend a aesthetician school. This is because laser school only takes between 1-2 weeks while aesthetician training oftentimes takes months to finish. Because you’ll already be laser trained once you enroll in aesthetician school, you’ll already have the knowledge and education to search for laser jobs in order to make an income before you attend an aesthetician school.

How much does a laser technician make?

This all depends as well, but from what we’ve seen, a laser technician usually makes between $15-$25 an hour. Some places offer strict commission only, and some places offer commission with hourly play. Some even offer salary. It depends on the place and location, so it will most likely be different for everyone.

Where can I find a laser school that’s accredited?
At National Laser Institute. We are a regulated and accredited institution who has earned a gold standard in providing education. Students receive cosmetic laser training from experts in the field and have the opportunity to practice hands-on techniques on scheduled clients within a luxury medical spa setting. We have earned many outstanding reviews as well as an A+ rating at the BBB.

To learn more about laser school or National Laser Institute, please call.

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