Laser Jobs and Laser Training

Many people ask us what they can do with their laser training knowledge once they graduate from our school. That’s why I’ve provided a list of laser jobs that have stemmed from real-life student experiences in the real world. Hopefully this will give you ideas on how to put your laser training career to good use, even if it’s in a creative way.

1. After receiving laser training, a graduate from National Laser Institute was having trouble finding a job in her area. Determined to become employed, she expanded her range outside of JUST laser clinics and medical spas. She went and visited a few doctor’s offices to see if she could make a deal with the clinic. In the end, she talked one doctor into an agreement: She would perform laser treatments and he would receive a small percentage for offering it at his clinic. She ended up getting the job and is happily employed.

2. In a similar situation, a former student visited a dermatology clinic in hopes of having them add laser services. After relying them the pros and cons, they ended up hiring her as their official laser technician.

3. Many graduates have started off on the entrepreneurial foot, not wanting to work for anyone but themselves. They’ve found a marketable location, opened their business, and offered laser treatments to those looking to enhance beauty and rid imperfections. Although this may be a more costly route, it certainly ends up paying off in the end!

National Laser Institute offers a graduate services department for those seeking help finding jobs in their area. A representative is able to email graduates job opportunities. Also, this department is also committed to helping students brush up their resume, prepare for interviews, and much more.

When you’re with National Laser Institute, you’re never alone. We’re dedicated to our students until the very end, helping them in any way that we can.

To learn more about laser training, or National Laser Institute, please call.


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