National Laser Institute
Laser Training FAQs

What kind of lasers do you train on?
The Best of the Best! Bottom line, we utilize the most reputable, fastest growing and most widely recognized manufacturers in Laser/IPL treatment modalities in the country at our laser training facility. In addition, we are continuously bringing in the latest equipment to make sure our students are on the leading edge of the booming laser industry.We believe it is imperative to avoid training on less reputable equipment. Far more important then the equipment you train on is the skill sets you learn with regards to techniques and safety protocols. In your “laser lifetime” you will most likely use a variety of equipment. Our training gives you the versatility to shift from one machine to the next with ease. The key to success is your foundation of knowledge you learn that can be applied universally to all types of equipment. There are many different quality brands of equipment, and that is important but knowledge is the true power.

Can anyone become a laser technician?
YES!! In fact at our medical spa, we employ a young lady who does not have any background in aesthetics, and is an excellent Laser Hair technician. Many of our students who made career changes in their lives are finding the Laser Hair Removal/IPL industry to be extremely lucrative and satisfying. For more info click here.

How could I effectively be trained in Lasers in just 2 weeks?
NLI offers the most comprehensive Laser training in the country. With up to 128 hours of education you will receive a solid foundation on how to safely and effectively operate a laser.Will someone become an “expert” and be as skilled as a 3 year operator in the field after two weeks? of course not! However, after you graduate from NLI and embark upon your laser career you will learn more and more every day! It always takes time to become an expert, but the key to quickly achieving those goals is a solid foundation that gives you all the tools you need to feel confident and competent at your job.

Why should I pick National Laser Institute over other laser training schools?
Easy, we are the first school, longest running school, largest school and only school currently approved by the ARRA, Post Secondary Education Regulatory Boards and Sallie Mae.  We have the most structured and thorough hands-on clinical approach. We are the only school in the country that performs all its clinical observations and treatments at a actual medical spa in a retail setting with real customers!We feel for you to practice what you learn in a real world setting is far more advantageous then a classroom setting. During your two week program you will have 15 different instructors we are the only school worldwide that offers this diverse variety of educators. We are the only school in the world that utilizes the top four Laser manufactors equipment.

We also are the only school in the country that includes an in-depth session on marketing from the founder of National Laser Institute. Louis Silberman has been written up in Entrepreneur and Fortune Small Business magazines for his health/beauty marketing successes. We also offer FREE refresher