BOTOX and Dermal Filler Training with Top Selling Cosmetic Products

Both BOTOX® and dermal filler treatments are the #1 non-surgical cosmetic injectable in the U.S., ranking the top two spots over the past few years. This may be because these treatments are affordable, long-lasting, and result in no downtime as plastic surgery would. In fact, last year both BOTOX® and dermal fillers each had over 1 million treatments performed, and the number has still continued to grow.

This is why now is the best time to receive BOTOX® training or dermal filler training–or both! Medical professionals who have chosen to add these treatments to their profession have begun to earn tons more money, especially since these treatments don’t require the hassle of insurance.

Some of the benefits to cosmetic injectables training include:

• Working within the healthy and beauty industry to give clients their confidence back.

• Earning more money in a short amount of time, as dermal filler and BOTOX® treatments don’t take long to perform.

• Having the choice of where to work, such as a medical spa, doctor’s office, dermatology clinic, and more.

• Working in a field you’re passionate about.

Take advantage of BOTOX® and dermal filler training. You can be working in the field in 2-7 days, depending on the advancement of the course you choose.

National Laser Institute offers students some of the best BOTOX® training and dermal filler training courses in the nation. Students will receive hands-on training with scheduled clients so that they can experience how the “real world” will feel once they graduate. National Laser Institute is the leader in the medical aesthetics industry and has thus earned an A+ rating at the BBB for excellent standing. They’ve also received a number of starred student reviews.

To learn more about BOTOX® training or dermal filler training, please call.


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