Females Continue to Take the Lead for Cosmetic Laser Treatments

It’s a girl’s world in the land of medical aesthetics–literally. Females make up 91% of all cosmetic surgery patients, as according to Dr. Persky. Although the cosmetic industry typically sees a flux of women, males do receive their share of cosmetic laser and injectable services, too.

The medical aesthetics industry is one that hasn’t shown signs of faltering. In fact, it showed a 5% increase in 2011. This is one reason why so many people–as well as medical professionals–are receiving laser training. They know that with the success of this industry, they’ll be able to make big money off their clients.

To put things into perspective, let’s say you charge $150 for a cosmetic laser treatment. If you treat 7 clients that day, you’d make a total of $1,050!

There are some cosmetic laser treatments that appeal to men as well as women. Laser wrinkle reduction, Botox and dermal fillers, as well as laser hair removal for those annoying and itchy places are all treatments that men have received in the past and will continue to receive in the future.

Because of the success of the medical aesthetics industry, many people are taking the time to receive laser training. At National Laser Institute, you’ll discover that you have access to hands-on training with scheduled clients in a medical spa environment as well as small class settings and classroom lectures. Because we’ve been around for many years, we’ve earned a successful reputation as the leader in the medical aesthetics industry, have received a number of starred reviews, and have earned an A+ at the BBB.

Now is the time to receive laser training at one of the top laser schools in the country! To learn more about laser training or National Laser Institute, please call.


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