The Value of the Cosmetic Laser Industry Continues to Grow

Last year, non-surgical cosmetic laser and injectable treatments increased by 6% in comparison to 2010, totaling over 12 million cosmetic treatments performed. The top treatments include BOTOX®, dermal fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal, and more. Because these types of treatments are fast, easy, and show outstanding results, more and more people have taken an interest to them, which means the medical aesthetics industry has continued to expand–even when gas prices are sky high.

In fact, these products seem to practically sell themselves. In comparison to plastic surgery, there is little to no downtime, quick treatments, and instant results. Plus, the prices are much cheaper than plastic surgery options.

The medical aesthetics industry has continuously been on the rise for the past few years. Even in a slumping economy, clients are booking appointments for laser hair removal, BOTOX®, cellulite reduction, and more. And since spring is upon us, more people are going to be dying for beautification treatments before their wedding, prom, etc.

This is why many people are taking advantage and becoming laser trained. Even medical professionals are looking into receiving cosmetic injectables training in order to make more money without the hassle of insurance.

We’re dedicated to offering both cosmetic laser and injectable courses for students who are looking for a career change or more experience to add to their expertise. We provide the highest quality training and work hard to resolve any and all complaints we may receive. However, students have been genuinely pleased with their laser training experience, giving us outstanding reviews.

To have your questions answered or to learn more about us, please give us a call.

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