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Many of our students choose to open their own cosmetic laser business once they have completed their laser training with us. This is ideal for multiple reasons. For one, you’ll be working for yourself and making all the calls. You have the opportunity to choose your hours and hire more laser techs to help in order to increase your income.

Before you get started, you’re going to want to think a few things over. Because we’ve been an established medical spa and school for years, we know how the business works. Below are a few tips and tricks listed for your convenience!

1. Business Plan. Be sure and come up with an appropriate business plan in order to get started. Look into finances, legalities, permits, resources, equipment, etc. Come up with a in-depth plan to get yourself started successfully.

2. Certifications and Regulations. The last thing you want is to be operating ineffectively, because this could lead to lawsuits, bad ratings, unhappy clients, and more. Be sure you’re following all your state’s rules and regulations and that you’re hiring only certified laser technicians in order to best accommodate to both your clients and the state rules.

3. Location. Choosing a location is one of the most important parts of opening a business. Just because a facility is nice and cheap doesn’t mean it’s in an ideal place that will bring you good business. It’s better to pay a higher price for a place in a busy location so you can bring in more clients.

4. Marketing. Remember that good marketing is key to success. Develop a professional website, testimonials, bring your company up on review websites, use SEO to help rank your website on the search engines, offer monthly deals or discounts, create a facebook and twitter page for your company, send out newsletters or emails, etc. The more your name is out there, the more people know about you!

5. FDA Approved Equipment. Make sure all of your laser equipment is FDA approved and up-to-date as to avoid accidents, mishaps, or legal fees. You will be working on your client’s skin, and skin can be very sensitive to laser if not performed under the safest standards. Take the maximum precautions in order to practice the best business procedures.

The last thing you want in a new business is customer complaints and negative reviews. Be sure to follow this advice to receive the most successful business results!

We also offer a marketing and business seminar with our comprehensive laser course, where you’ll learn more of the best advice straight from our CEO, Louis Silberman. Be sure and take advantage of this if you’re looking to open your own laser clinic!

To learn more about National Laser Institute, our student reviews, or enrollment, please call.

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