The 101 on the Medical Aesthetics Industry

One of the fastest growing industries in the market right now is medical aesthetics, which includes performing cosmetic laser and injectable treatments on a wide variety of clients. In fact, Americans spent over 12 billion dollars on treatments last year, and 83% of those procedures were non-surgical treatments, ranging from laser hair removal, BOTOX®, dermal fillers, and different types of skin resurfacing treatments.

To break it down, 1,475,296 people received laser hair removal, 576,509 received laser skin resurfacing treatments, 3,181,592 got BOTOX®, and 1,593,554 received dermal fillers. Basically, this means that even in an economic slump with ridiculously high gas prices, people are still willing to spend their hard-earned money on laser cosmetic treatments.


People have tons of career opportunities to choose from within the medical aesthetics field! Here at National Laser Institute, we offer a career services department that seeks out jobs for our graduates, helps them find ones in their area, and helps them prepare their resumes and prepare for job interviews. They also help answer any questions students may have about the industry.

Many of our graduates have gone to work for dermatologist’s clients and physician’s offices. Most students have also found jobs within medical spa environments or clinics, or have even started up their own cosmetic laser business in their area! Some graduates have even just wanted a part-time career, so they’ve opted for contract jobs on the side.

Whatever career path you choose, make sure you choose National Laser Institute as your go-to source for information, training, news, and more. To learn more, please call.

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