Considering Medical Esthetic School? Check Out This Free Webinar!

Choosing a skincare school that’s right for you can be stressful and challenging, but what if you had the option to preview a school before you even enrolled? It would probably make your decision process much easier.

National Laser Institute offers free medical esthetic school webinars each month that provide quality information regarding the industry, state-of-the-art treatments and equipment, career opportunities, and much more. This webinar is LIVE and completes a Q&A from viewers who have any questions about anything at all–and no question is a silly one.

Here’s a quick sneak peak about what you’ll expect to see at National Laser Institute’s free online webinars:

NLI offers two types of webinars each month. One is targeted toward medical professionals who are capable of becoming trained to perform Botox, fillers + other injectable treatments, laser, skin rejuvenation therapies, BHRT, and more. The other is for estheticians, skin care specialists, and those wanting to seek a change in their career in order to become trained with the latest cosmetic laser treatments such as laser hair removal, radiofrequency skin tightening, IPL photofacial skin rejuvenation, laser tattoo removal, and much more.

Medical esthetic school at National Laser Institute can be completed in two weeks or less, which means you could be on your way to new, exciting career in almost no time! Courses at NLI are taught by experts in the medical esthetic field who have been in this industry for multiple years. Courses offered at National Laser Institute also include hands-on training with scheduled clients in order for attendees to become comfortable and familiar with equipment as well as treating clients.

Interested in signing up for one of NLI’s free webinars? Simply click this link to see when the next webinar is, and then fill out the form. They’ll email you the day of the webinar!

National Laser Institute is the leading medical esthetic school in the nation and is recognized as gold standard education. To learn more about medical esthetic school or courses.

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National Laser Institute Student Reviews of Leading Medical Esthetic School

Choosing a medical esthetic school can be tough, and sometimes it’s hard to know what exactly you need in terms of quality education. Instead of telling you all about the leading medical esthetic school in the nation, we thought it would be more beneficial to you if you heard it from the mouth of graduates themselves.

Feeling a little more confident about your choices after watching that video? We thought so. Did you know National Laser Institute pioneered the cosmetic laser training curriculum and has been around for a decade? The classes are led by expert instructors who have had years of experience teaching and performing treatments on clients of their own.

At National Laser Institute, we give you a variety of hands-on training courses to choose from. Whether you are a career changer, esthetician, medical professional, or someone who has a passion for skincare–we have a class for you. Feel free to browse through our course options below to find a class that is right for you. Or if you’d like to speak with an admission’s advisor about our courses and curriculum, simply call 800.982.6817.

National Laser Institute is recognized as gold standard education and is the Harvard of laser schools all across the nation. If you’d like to learn more about medical esthetic school, you can call us at 800.982.6817.

Courses at National Laser Institute

  • Laser Classroom/Didactic (5-Day)

  • Laser Hair Removal Course (8-Day)

  • Comprehensive Laser (14-Day)

  • Core Training Course (8-Day)

  • Just Tattoo Removal

  • Chemical Peels (1-Day)

  • 12 Days of Cosmetic Laser & Injectables

  • 8 Days of Cosmetic Laser & Injectables

  • 4 Days of Injectable Training

  • 3 Days of Injectable Training

  • 2 Days of Injectable Training

  • 1 Day of Injectable Training

  • 2 Days of Advanced Injectable Training

  • 5 Days Laser Training

  • 1 Day of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • 1 Day of Chemical Peel Training

  • 3 Day Medical Director and Professional Training Course



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A Career as a Cosmetic Laser Technician Never Goes Out of Style

According to the FDA government website, the FDA “does not have the legal authority to approve cosmetics before they go on the market.” This means if a cosmetic product causes harm or damage to someone, they can take action against that product after it’s been proven that the product was the cause of that damage.

Um, YIKES. Millions of people buy cosmetic products of some sort everyday, and we’re willing to bet that very few are aware that the FDA doesn’t have their backs on this. But what if there was a way to reduce the use of these makeup products altogether with an FDA approved treatment?

Cosmetic laser treatments, such as laser hair removal and types of laser skin rejuvenation, are FDA approved treatments to help improve skin care concerns, leaving people with flawless and beautiful skin. Who needs makeup if you can have naturally amazing skin?

Like cosmetologists and estheticians, laser technicians are skin care professionals who have the skills to perform a wide variety of professional laser treatment for different skin concerns. They are capable of performing these FDA approved laser treatments in order to help improve the skin’s tone and texture. In order to earn your laser technician certification in most states, you just need to attend a two week laser training course.

Laser Technician School

National Laser Institute is the leading laser school in the nation, training hundreds of future laser technicians each month. The most popular laser course is the comprehensive laser training course because it covers tons of treatments–from laser hair removal, laser wrinkle reduction, laser acne reduction, photofacial skin rejuvenation, and much more. Students gain the advantage of learning many treatment modalities so that they are able to offer them to their own clients.

This comprehensive laser course is broken into two parts. Classroom training is led by experts in the industry, and students also participate in hands-on clinical training in order to experience with different lasers and different clients.

To learn more about laser technicians or laser school, call National Laser Institute or visit their website!







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Laser Technicians: The Passion, The Training, The Careers!

A laser technician is someone who is certified to perform a variety of cosmetic laser treatments, including laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, laser tattoo removal, and much more. They’ve graduated from a certified laser training program and are qualified to treat clients with cosmetic lasers regarding their different skin care concerns. A laser technician is also qualified to treat skin on the dermal and epidermal layers, unlike estheticians who can only treat the epidermal layer of skin.

Unlike cosmetology school, which takes 12 months to complete, or esthetician school which takes up to 6 months to complete, cosmetic laser school only takes two full weeks to become certified to perform cosmetic lasers.

But make no mistake–this industry isn’t for everyone. Laser technicians must be passionate about what they do and have a love for the skin care industry. They also must love interacting with clients as well as building relationships with them so that they return–and bring along recommendations!

If you have those traits, then the training comes easy. At National Laser Institute, our two week comprehensive laser course is is broken down into classroom learning and hands-on training. The classroom portion is taught by experts who have been in this field for years, giving students the best material and are capable of answering any question that arises. You’ll also receive tons of hands-on training with scheduled clients using state-of-the-art laser equipment in order to gain the confidence and practice you’ll need to treat your own clients.

As a laser technician, there are many career doors open to you. We’ve seen laser technicians go on to work in dermatology clinics, doctor’s offices, or OBG YN facilities that also offer cosmetic services. We’ve also seen our laser technicians work in medical spas, health and fitness centers, and other beauty environments. Some of our graduates have also gone onto open their own laser clinics!

Whatever your dream is, you can start your educational journey at National Laser Institute. We are the Harvard of laser schools across the country and were the first laser training school to establish a laser training curriculum for student success. To learn more about laser technician training or National Laser Institute, please call or simply fill out the form to your right!


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Laser Hair Removal Classes

We are a society that’s attracted to the latest and greatest technology. We want the latest iPad or the latest cell phone updates or even the latest car models. The same can be said when it comes to the world of health and beauty. Whereas typical facials and peels were popular a decade ago, technological advancements in the name of beauty are more coveted. You’ve seen it everywhere! Radio promotions regarding laser hair removal, billboards that promise fast laser tattoo removal, and even cosmetic lasers to rid those fine lines and wrinkles!

In short, the cosmetic laser industry has been successfully growing throughout the last decade. Laser hair removal treatments currently rank as the #3 most in-demand nonsurgical treatment with over 1 million treatments performed in the last year. That number is expected to rise throughout the next few years. Why? Because people are attracted to the latest and greatest advancements, including those involved in beauty treatments.

In most states, those who have obtained a high school diploma or GED and who are 18 years or older can receive laser hair removal training. National Laser Institute offers laser hair removal classes for those interested in both the health and beauty industry as well as cosmetic laser training to generate a high earning potential within the laser industry.

Laser Course Options

Laser Classroom/Didactic (5-Day): This course covers the fundamentals of cosmetic laser training and includes your laser safety officer certification. It is a classroom only course, which means, depending on your state’s required hands-on hours, you may need to obtain the required hands-on training with lasers (see below).

Laser Hair Removal Course (8-Day): NLI’s laser hair removal class includes 40 hours of classroom lecture and 24 hours of hands-on training with state-of-the-art cosmetic lasers. Laser safety officer training is included as well as IPL (intense pulsed light) training, laser hair removal training, and your laser certification.

Comprehensive Laser (14-Day): As NLI’s most popular laser course, this comprehensive class covers a wide range of laser treatments including laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, laser stretch mark reduction, cellulite reduction, IPL photofacials, and much more. Hands-on training included.

National Laser Institute is recognized as gold standard education and was the first laser school to pioneer the laser training curriculum. To learn more about laser hair removal classes offered, please call 800.982.6817.

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Tattoo Removal Training for Estheticians

Roughly 1 in 5 Americans have a tattoo, and many live with tattoo regret. Laser tattoo removal has been an increasingly in-demand way to rid unwanted tattoos because of it’s extremely fast treatment time and overall effectiveness. But since cosmetic laser technology has continued to improve and advance, there is a new laser that is said to eliminate 40% of your tattoo after just one treatment. As technology continues to advance, we expect that percentage to continue to go up.

Those interested in the skin care industry, especially estheticians, are qualified in most states to become a laser tattoo removal technician with the proper training. Throughout most of the U.S., estheticians and individuals who have a high school diploma or GED meet the prerequisites of attending tattoo removal training.

Laser training at a laser school is different than esthetician school, however. For one thing, laser school takes between 1-2 weeks to earn certification, whereas esthetician school takes a couple of months to complete. Laser school is also qualified to teach you about the epidermal and dermal layers of skin whereas esthetics school only covers treatments that pertain to the outer layers of skin. But as an esthetician, a lot of what you’ve learned about treating clients should overlap when you attend a laser school–so the information won’t feel as new and scary.

Tattoo Removal Training with NLI

National Laser Institute offers a tattoo removal training course for estheticians that covers both laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal. In this course, estheticians will learn in the classroom from expert laser technicians and skin care professionals as well as through clinical, hands-on training where they will perform tattoo removal treatments on scheduled clients within our luxury medical spa. This combination of hands-on and classroom training is designed to give students the confidence and overall knowledge to go out and perform safe and effective treatments on their own clients.

National Laser Institute is recognized as gold standard education and has received many outstanding reviews. To learn more about tattoo removal training for estheticians, please call.



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Becoming a Cosmetic Laser Technician, Merilee’s Story

The cosmetic laser marketplace has grown and expanded over the last decade, and with recent technology developments in terms of cosmetic lasers, treatments have become safer, faster, and more effective than ever before.

National Laser Institute is a laser school dedicated to training future cosmetic laser technicians, estheticians and medical professionals who want to incorporate laser treatments, and career changers. Within a two week cosmetic laser training course, you will become certified to perform a wide variety of cosmetic laser treatments.

We come across graduates all the time who share their life changing story after their National Laser Institute laser training experience. Here is one of our previous graduates, Merliee, sharing her story of adding laser treatments to her esthetician background!

“As a former student of the National Laser Institute, I highly recommend this school for anyone interested in laser technology. I am new to the field of esthetics and recently relocated to the Phoenix area. I attempted to find employment as an esthetician but was continuously told I lacked experience.

I decided to further my education by becoming laser certified. Within two weeks of completing the courses at the National Laser Institute I found employment as a laser technician and esthetician!

While attending classes at National Laser Institute, I was awed with the organization, knowledge and professionalism of the staff. They go above and beyond in regards to hands-on training, clarifying questions and always ensuring that students are comfortable.

The curriculum at National Laser Institute is phenomenal with a huge emphasis on laser safety. Learning the proper laser skill set is one thing, but it’s equally important to learn how to grow our own business and not depend upon others. The instructor was a marketing guru who had been wildly successful marketing beauty over the years and owned a medical spa. I also liked the variety of instructors at National Laser Institute. Students can expect to hear from dermatologists, nurses, laser representatives, entrepreneurs, and a laser safety officer.

I feel I owe my career to National Laser Institute and I will be forever grateful!”

National Laser Institute

With National Laser Institute’s comprehensive laser training course, you can become a laser technician in two weeks. This course offers topics such as laser safety, client selection, pre and post care, laser techniques, equipment overview, tissue and skin interaction, and much more. Classes are taught by experts in the field and students experience hands-on training with scheduled clients in order to gain real world experience.

To learn more about laser technicians, laser training, or National Laser Institute, please call.

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Medical Esthetician School Online Library

At National Laser Institute, we pride ourselves in setting ourselves apart from other laser schools or medical esthetician schools. This is why we’ve created the very first online medical esthetician library as a resource for our graduates.

Our online medical esthetician library contains thousands of pages and useful information within this industry designed to help and aid you throughout your journey and career in the medical esthetic industry. There are a variety of resources, including:

  • Industry statistics
  • Clinical studies
  • Equipment information
  • Media and video resources
  • Medical esthetic books and articles
  • Marketing information
  • Short articles regarding how to interview, partner, start a business + more!

Our user-friendly navigational portal is designed to provide you with easy access no matter what you’re looking for. No other laser school offers this incredible resource to students!

Laser Training Courses at National Laser Institute

At National Laser Institute, we offer a wide range of cosmetic laser courses. Our most popular is our comprehensive laser training course, which covers a wide variety of popular cosmetic treatments used on the market today. In this course, students learn:

  • Laser safety
  • Client selection
  • Pre and post care
  • Laser equipment and functions
  • Laser hair removal
  • Laser skin rejuvenation
  • Laser stretch mark, cellulite, and acne reduction
  • + Much more!

National Laser Institute

National Laser Institute is the leader in the medical esthetics industry and is recognized as gold standard education. To learn more about our online medical esthetics library, laser training courses, or more, please call.


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Botox Injection Course for Doctors

In recent years, more and more doctors have been taking advantage of the booming medical esthetics industry. Botox has continued to lead the way as the #1 noninvasive cosmetic injectable and because of it’s wide success rate throughout the nation, doctors have received training in order to provide this service to their own clients.

At National Laser Institute, we know the lives of medical professionals are busy. That’s why we offer a 1 full day Botox injection course for doctors interested in providing Botox treatments for their clients. Through this course, doctors will learn from expert instructors through classroom training as well as receive hands-on training with scheduled Botox clients within a luxury medical spa for clinical training.

Botox Course Objectives

  • Aesthetic overview
  • Botox history
  • Client selection
  • Pre and post care
  • Injection techniques
  • Hands-on training
  • + More

National Laser Institute

National Laser Institute is the leading medical esthetician school in the nation and is recognized as gold standard education. With this Botox injection course, medical professionals will be trained and certified to go out and provide treatments to clients. To learn more about Botox injection courses at National Laser Institute, please call.


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Laser Hair Removal Training for Laser Technicians

Laser hair removal is one of the top nonsurgical cosmetic treatments in the nation with over 1 MILLION treatments performed on clients just in the last year. But laser hair removal isn’t the only cosmetic laser treatment that’s highly in demand. In fact, laser tattoo removal and laser wrinkle reduction are just a few examples of what people are interested in–and becoming a cosmetic laser technician allows you to perform these easy treatments while profiting off this booming industry.

National Laser Institute offers a laser hair removal training course that also covers laser tattoo removal treatments. They also have a comprehensive laser course that not only covers laser hair removal training and tattoo removal training, but also cellulite, acne, stretch mark, wrinkle reduction treatments as well.

With National Laser Institute’s laser school, students will learn in both a classroom training environment as well as in a clinical, hands-on training environment. Top industry experts teach these classes and students will work on scheduled clients in order to become confident and comfortable while performing these laser treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Training Objectives

  • Laser safety
  • Equipment overview
  • Aesthetic overview
  • Client selection
  • Pre and post care
  • Laser techniques
  • Hands-on training
  • + More

About National Laser Institute

National Laser Institute is the leading laser school in the nation and is recognized as gold standard education. They have received a number of outstanding reviews as well as an A+ rating from the BBB. To learn more about laser hair removal training or National Laser Institute, please call.

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